What is Weight Loss Direct?

"Each person has different needs depending on their unique challenges and requirements"

Weight Loss Direct is a individualized program that is proven to work if you follow protocol. The results are amazing IF you follow the program without going off track. I myself have gone through the program a few years ago and lost 30 lbs.  However due to the 2020 lock-down and being over 50 years old resulted to weight gain. I started the program in April and by Sept 2021, I lost 25 lbs just in time for a family wedding!

What's involved? 

* You will receive a package with BCA scale & daily supplements designed  specifically for you 
* Intelligence Analysis to determine your individual plan (based on your medical history and current conditions)
* You will have a designated coach and will speak once a week to track your progress and review your numbers (from your daily scan) from week to week. You will also have texting access outside of the coaching call.

Different programs that WLD offers:
* 20 day program can result a 10+ lb loss
* 40 day program can result a 25+ lb loss
* Year long program can result a 35+ loss

This program is strict whether you do 20 days or 40 days. However in my eyes, 6 weeks is easier than 6 months. You will have suggested proteins, vegetables and fruits based on your analysis, when to have these foods and how much. The key will be how you prepare the food and your water consumption. 
If you are interested, please click on the link below for more info:
See photos of past WLD clients and MY before and after photos below.