90% Solution, 10% Problem

When a problem, issue, situation arises, we tend to focus on the problem. We become emotional, upset, mad, sad, furious. It gets to the point where we can't control those emotions because sometimes the problem is too big to handle. It takes practice. Practice for what? It takes practice to focus only 10% on the problem and focus 90% on the solution. Start with a small problem and build that muscle to handle future problems the same way. It starts to become easier. Perhaps when you start this process, the breakout starts as 75%/25%, then 50%/50% and eventually the focus on the SOLUTION will be GREATER than the problem. Again, this takes practice and it's best to practice on a small issue. Then keep at it. Build that muscle. It will become easier and your issues won't see as "extreme" or 'pronounced" as when it arises.