Does It Spark Joy?

The new craze is Marie Kondo's organization skills from her show on Netflix. She is infamous for her question "Does it spark joy?" Why is this catching like wildfire? Perhaps the reason is because we've spent years of buying so much to fill our closets, our drawers that we've maxed out. It's so easy to shop on-line these days that we've exceeded our space in our homes. In today's age, we needed someone like Marie Kondo to wake us up, to make us realize that less is more, to realize that we need to respect our space to give each item a home and not jammed up until we can't close the closet doors. The new open space will also make you feel good emotionally. You want to feel the flowing feeling of freedom and peace. Most will feel overwhelmed by performing such an enormous task but take it one drawer at a time. One room at a time. Once you start, you will want to continue because it WILL spark joy!