One of the things we don't do enough is be T H A N K F U L on a daily basis. We take the simple things for granted. It's much easier to complain and wish we had the things that we believe would make us happy. There's a saying that your bad day is someone else's good day. Sure we all have bad days. However it's important to take a deep breath and LET IT GO. Hard to do, right? It's easier to be upset or mad. It's harder to just let it go and put it behind you. However, you are letting that anger, that drama, take up real estate in your brain. Fight it because it's not worth your time or energy. Figure out the solution or distract your brain with something completely the opposite. When you are thankful daily, more good will come to you. When you are negative daily, more drama will come to you. Embrace the good, dismiss the bad. Make this a daily habit, you will see all the bonuses that come with it.