My Purpose

I am the owner of Lai Life Products. This is purely a side passion of mine. Monday thru Friday, I am at a corporate job in an industry that I've been in for over 20 years. I love my job and I love all the people who have come into my life thru this industry. However, my passion is to help and teach others. I started Lai Life Products because a student in my fitness class kept rolling up her yoga mat to soften the pain on her knees. They had yoga blankets but it still didn't feel good on the knees. I went thru the long process of finding something that could fix this problem. I found a high quality pad and had it mass produced hoping it would help others. What started as an alternative to a knee pad has now morphed into many other functions. Those other functions came from the people who have purchased the pad from me because it helped them for their issue. We have people who meditate who need something to sit on comfortably so they can meditate longer. We have electricians and plumbers who are on their knees daily that use the pad. We have dancers and ice skaters that need to work on their balance so they can perfect their balance on the dance floor or skating rink. We have people that have balance issues that needs to be challenged so that they can improve their balance. We love hearing from our patrons on how much they love the product. We love showing people how to use the pad to help their in their everyday life. Do I need to work at night and weekends? No, but this is my passion. My passion to help others and to solve a problem or issue. Could I be relaxing and be binge watching on Netflix instead being on my feet on the weekend at expos and fairs? Absolutely but I will never feel the way I feel when I hear how this product has made their life easier or improved in same shape or form. Make your passion your purpose.
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