Isn't it amazing that it requires effort to be still and remove yourself from the noise? In this modern age of technology, we've been all trained to do the opposite. It has trained us to be glued to our smart phones, devices, laptops, Netflix, Hulu and so on. We even take it a step further and multi task. Now we can't watch a two hour movie and instead we watch six hours straight of a series. Our brain is working extremely hard to take in all the information from all different sources. Because of all these devices and multiple ways to consume media, we are severely distracted. Being still and quiet is uncomfortable. That being said, much effort needs to be taken to remove the noise. Start slow. Start with five minutes a day and slowly increase the time to remove the noise. Concentrate on your breath. Breathe in the air and fill your lungs and slowly exhale to release. The peaceful surrounding is foreign, yet it is also a gift. This time alone is a release so that you can set your intention for a positive and productive day. Remove the noise and embrace the gift.