Workout From Home

In 2019 we were going to the gym near home and work. In 2020, we've now replaced that with Zoom Workout Classes. Our living rooms are now converted to our workout space. However, our hardwood floors can be brutal for our knees, tailbone and wrist. Our balance pad / kneepad takes away that pressure. You can use the pad for so many different exercises. Here are some examples:
  • Knees: knee push-ups, leg lifts, leg hydrants, leg stretches

  • Tailbone: meditation, ab workout, straddle stretches

  • Wrist: planks, mountain climbers, burpees, downward dog

Whether you have boney knees, knee pain, the minute you kneel on our pad, you will feel instant relief! Yoga mats are good but yoga mats are way too thin. They just don't provide that cushion for where we need it most. Add our pad to your home workout space and it will be a game changer!